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Determined Lady

Operation Smile

She has never seen a white person, lives in Marjima two days walk from Kindu the capital of Maniema Province,in the East-central region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Bilateral Cleft Lip from the front
Bilateral Cleft Lip from the side

She is 56 years of age and wanted to look beautiful. 

But born with a bilateral cleft lip

She walked the two days from her home village in Marjima to Kindu where there is an airport. Relatives of her helped her onto the plane after an air ticket was purchased and she arrived in Kinshasa overwhelmed by all she experienced, seen, all that was happening to her.

Talking to her before the surgery, her uncertainty was almost tangible. And then under local anaesthetic and 60 minutes later the surgery was completed and while still lying on the table we gave her a mirror to see her New. And a silent tear ran down the side of her face as she starred at the New, the new her in the mirror.

The next morning in the ward she is still stunned and not too keen for a camera to stare at her with the memories of stinging stares over the years still far too fresh. 

How blessed we are that God wants to use us to bring hope and kindness to people that we share this world with. So grateful to all for the support that enables me to keep on doing this. To answer God’s call and love Him and serve Him.

After surgery picture, woman with a healed upper lip.
After the surgery, a new woman.
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